Spring - Summer 2023
“World of children” is an artistic capsule collection that invites us to rescue our inner child and live in a world of love to help our society and futures generations . Each figure was lovingly painted by artists and craftsmen in the far south of the world.

With her new collection, the Chilean designer embarks on a tour of New York, Paris and Miami to reach new audiences and markets. In collaboration with two chilean artists, she created this proposal that seeks the light, joy, freedom and innocence of childhood among so much planetary confusion.

The thoughts of María Pía Cornejo fly from Chile to other latitudes and creative worlds to reach a refuge in the midst of the times we are going through as humanity. “The global picture looks quite dark, hostile and hopeless. A good exercise is to turn off the news and find a bright and happy place where we feel protected”, she reflects. This space is connected with her childhood and her painting classes from that time where she lived between canvases, brushes, easels, oils, colors, human figures and the intense smell of turpentine.

This is how her new capsule-artistic collection, World of children (Spring-Summer 2023), in Cornejo's opinion, aims to "rescue our inner child and live in a world of love to help our society and future generations". Together with chilean artists, Jonathan González and Francisca Valenzuela, each garment was silk-screened and hand-painted with abstractions of children's drawings in fluorescent blue, fuchsia, green and orange. This work turned out to be quite organic, based on drawings of disproportionate characters free of stereotypes -similar to those created by children-, which leave an open space for interpretation.

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