“an imaginary city where strange air currents provoke various structures, giving shape and leaving as a result amazing polyhedral sculptures ...”

POLITROPOLIS was the second collection launched by the brand of designer Maria Pia Cornejo at the end of 2016. This collection tells us the story of an imaginary city where strange currents of air cause various structures, giving shape and resulting in amazing polyhedral sculptures. The success of this second collection was even greater, as a result, the most important fashion magazine in the world, VOGUE, launched the collection in its November 2016 edition in its version for all of Latin America, which meant a turning point in the brand. with this publication where the work of this designer begins to expand rapidly and manages to capture the attention of different parts of the world. This collection, like the others, seeks to develop new patterns through innovation and this time incorporates architecture through the structures of buildings and constructions.

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