September 2019
“It is said that when a person creates something with all his heart and creation arises, he is given SOUL“

ALMA is the concept of this Spring - Summer collection that was born as a result of a deep journey through introspection, with the purpose of reaching the essence of ourselves. The Being, what defines us, the energy that inhabits our physical body, without birth or death and that many times has passed through different dimensions, different lives and will continue to do so until reaching the maximum state of evolution, to finally become only light and universal consciousness.

Men's and women's garments represent the balance between masculine and feminine energy. With an avant-garde perspective, both urban and evening garments interpret the new contemporary society, in which diversity and integration are essential elements. Behind this artistic and conceptual proposal, there is an arduous process of research, planning, design and production by a team of young professionals and creators, led by María Pía Cornejo. As for the proposal and preparation, what she seeks is to propose a different vision, merging elements of architecture with the wardrobe, generating a contrast between large 3D shapes and flat pieces, together with blocks of strong colors that seek to graph in an abstract way our deepest emotions, feelings and energy. Craftsmen who have extensive experience in working with natural fibers such as wool, cotton and leather participated in the construction of the work.


Regarding materiality, some cotton fabrics were intervened with the purpose of generating resistance and giving structure to the forms. At the same time, other more vaporous fabrics were used that seek to give lightness to this artistic proposal. For this we worked with materials provided by artisans and experimental textures. A large part of the collection was made with natural fibers, pieces made from wool that helped give more body and rigidity to some structures.

Strong colors predominate in the color palette: vermilion red, electric blue, fuchsia, white and black. These tones are intended to generate contrasts and reflect different feelings and emotions that are part of the Soul. In this way, we can understand why red symbolizes passion, love or anger, and on the other hand blue represents peace, reflection, the mental or spiritual. Meanwhile, black and white tones seek to illustrate the duality of Being. Alma will show the world the innovation in fashion that is being developed in Chile. This artistic proposal will open a fundamental space to publicize the Chilean avant-garde in New York, the world capital of fashion. Seeing Alma on the runway at New York Fashion Week will be a momentous event.

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